Welkom op mijn site over de zwarte beertjes pockets van Leslie Charteris over Simon Templar alias "de Saint".


Quote van Leslie

And so, my friends, dear bookworms, most noble fellow drinkers, frustrated burglars, affronted policemen, upright citizens with furled umbrellas and secret buccaneering dreams--that seems to be very nearly all for now.
It has been nice having you with us, and we hope you will come again, not once, but many times.
Only because of our great love for you, we would like to take this parting opportunity of mentioning
one small matter which we have very much at heart.

Leslie Charteris, The First Saint Omnibus (1939)

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Nu te zien in de Kunsthal in Rotterdam, een tentoonstelling van orginele covers voor de zwarte beertjes gemaakt door Dick Bruna

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